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3737 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

Manager:    Robert Brinkly
Telephone: 850-934-8839
Fax:              850-934-8833

Mon - Fri:   7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday:   8:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday:     10:00am - 4:00pm

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Services Available at This Location:
Air Conditioning
Oil Changes
Preventive Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance
Engine Diagnostics
Heating & Cooling
Starting & Charging
Maintenance Tune-Ups
We Offer Fleet Services

2012 Customer Service Award

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I wanted to give props to the Tuffy location in Gulf Breeze, Florida. They took really good care of me with an issue with my car. The manager went the extra mile and it was very much appreciated!

Eric M. (2014)

I truly appreciate the staff of Tuffy Tire & Auto at 3737 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Two tow companies had been to my house and could not tow my bmw x5 because of where it was parked coupled with a computer malfunction that would not allow the parking break to release. Tuffy sent one of their mechanics to my house to resolve what three neighbors and two tow truck companies could not! I have done a lot of business with these guys, but cannot describe the consistently great service me and my neighbors get from the Tuffy staff here. Thanks

Rick M. (2013)

I was so satisfied that I gave out all of the cards they gave me on the way home! Going back today to get some more business cards. On a scale of one to ten they are 10 plus! Couldn't be happier with Tuffy’s service & expertise and friendliness! I will never take my vehicle anywhere else! Greeted me with the utmost respect, explained everything that was wrong with the vehicle in detail, and I'm very pleased with the work that they did!!!! They explain the things that needed to be done now and the things that could be done later. I was given a payment plan and a discount as a preferred customer on my first visit! This store could not have done anything better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison W. (2013)

WOW! I have been speaking so highly of your Tuffy car center in Gulf Breeze to everyone I come across. I'm a 47 yr old single mother, USAF Vet, college student. Hence...I have few funds. Your manager has gained my utmost respect. I trust only him with my vehicle. I have an 07 Camry and have never had to put money into it since I bought it in 06. I have had some issues come up and so I have taken it to my local Sears and Navy base...none of them gave me the care and diagnosis to fix my issues... Only Tuffy did the job and offered that service at such a reasonable price. Thank you for giving Gulf Breeze, FL a car center we can TRUST and a manager and staff with integrity.

Elizabeth J. (2012)

The team at Tuffy is amazing! I called them at 2pm not knowing that they closed at 4pm. I had to have the car towed to them and the store manager assured us that he would be sure things were taken care of.  The car didn't get to them until almost 3:15pm and the manager knowing that we were going out of town, called in extra help to be sure that it would be done this afternoon! Talk about going above and beyond! They ALWAYS take care of us!

Mark W. (2012)

In the past few years, my husband had spoken to a multitude of customer service representatives regarding products, services, etc.  At the end of each call, the agent would ask: “Is there anything else I can do for you?”  My husband would always replay – “I would love a pepperoni pizza.”  You could hear the chuckle or laughter in the agent’s voice after my husband’s reply.  It was his way of giving a smile to someone. 

After researching car tire prices and services, my husband chose to have his Silverado’s new tires mounted at the Tuffy Tire and Auto in Gulf Breeze.  The service was excellent and pleasant.  The service was also completed very promptly.  About a week later, an individual from your office had contacted me for a brief survey regarding our recent visit.  After answering the questions, my husband had asked the “smile question” regarding the pepperoni pizza.  Needless to say, but the two of them had chatted like old friends for minutes afterwards. 

About two weeks after having our car serviced, my husband and daughter had brought my daughter’s car into Tuffy for servicing and new tires.  Again, the Tuffy personnel had given us excellent service and the work was completed as promised.  Yesterday, a call came from the same individual regarding our visit.  It wasn’t long before the individual had realized that she was talking to the “pepperoni pizza man” from Gulf Breeze.  She laughed and chatted again for a few minutes following her survey.  Before hanging up, she had asked at what time he would like his pepperoni pizza to be delivered.  Fifteen minutes after hanging up, she called back to let my husband know that his pizza would be delivered at 9:00pm per his discretion. 

That night at exactly 9:00pm, the doorbell rang and my husband’s pepperoni pizza had arrived!  Thanks Tuffy!

Gaile Z. (2010)

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