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13151 Panama City Beach Parkway
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Manager:    Gary Godfrey
Telephone: 850-234-2202
Fax:              850-234-2205

Mon - Fri:   8;00 - 6:00
Saturday:   8:00 - 4:00
Sunday:     10:00 - 4:00

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Services Available at This Location:
Oil Changes
Air Conditioning
Preventive Maintenance
Heating & Cooling
Starting & Charging
Engine Diagnostics
Maintenance Tune-Ups
We Offer Fleet Services

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I had a flat tire on the way to the beach in Panama City. Stopped at Tuffy Auto Service to check on getting a replacement. The service manager came out and got my bad tire out from under my car. He noticed my other tires were in bad shape also. He priced me 4 new tires and an alignment. I called back home to my tire people and Tuffy’s price was better than I could get at home. He set me up and explained every step they were doing to my alignment to keep my tires form wearing like they were. Excellent service and the staff were friendly and returned all my calls. I wish they were closer so I could do all my business with them. They made my vacation so much better than it could have been. Great guys!!!

Scott C. (2014)


I have to say that my local Tuffy Team is amazing!  I have known the owner for 14 years personally, and have utilized Tuffy for the last 6 years. He and his team make me feel secure in the diagnosis of my (5) cars.  Knowing that I am budget conscious, they always assist me in keeping my cars current on all maintenance and repairs in a cost effective way.  Additionally, I have three teenage daughters that frequently visit our local Tuffy when they have low tire pressure or other diagnostic issues that pop up in their cars. I went to Tuffy today with my husband's car as a fuse blew. I thought I could fix it on my own, but I couldn't find it. A helpful Tuffy technician went right out to my car and replaced the fuse with a spare located in the car in 5 minutes for me. I know he saw the look of panic in my eyes when I arrived and responded to it immediately to resolve my issue. I am so grateful to have this awesome resource 2 blocks from my house and I know my local friends will agree that our PCB Tuffy is THE BEST!

Kristin A. (2014)


I visited Tuffy Auto Service Center 13151 Panama City Beach Parkway, Panama Beach, Florida on June 29, 2014. I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the excellent service I received. On our last day of vacation me and my friend, her daughter, my two daughters and their two friends experienced car troubles. A man from AutoZone referred us to Tuffy. The manager greeted us at 9:00 am Sunday morning before the service center opened at 10:00am. He welcomed us to come in before hours to wait in the AC and offered to make us coffee. We were also given a loaner car while we waited which was greatly appreciated. He was very helpful to us. He was genuinely concerned about our safety and wanted to make sure my car was fixed and safe to travel home to Georgia. I can truly say I have never had anyone show so much compassion and concern for me and my family and our wellbeing. My car needed a new alternator and battery. He went over the entire test and made sure I fully understood why I needed both the alternator and battery. He understood my concerns about the cost of the repairs and showed me line by line each price for all the parts and labor. He was so gracious enough to give me a 10% discount (because it was my birthday) and also informed me about the Tuffy credit card with 6 months same as cash. He was concern and wanted me to have the funds to make it home and not be out of pocket $566.27. Gary and his service tech Mike where very professional, helpful and very comforting in my time of need. I wanted to let someone in the Corp. office know what a true asset he is to the Tuffy Organization. I would recommend the Tuffy of Panama City Beach to future vacationers. I truly believe your mission statement: To provide the best auto repair service in the industry through continuous commitment to quality and customer service. Thank you!

Mitzi S. (2014)


The Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center in Panama City Beach is excellent.  We were in town for the weekend, due to head home Sunday but found ourselves with a flat tire due to a leaking tire stem. We pulled into Tuffy, and the parking lot was busy. However, the manager came right out, assessed the issues, and said; "No problem, we will get it taken care of and have you on the road within an hour.” - and they did! Both the manager and his staff were kind, professional and treated us (as well as the other customers) as if we were important and our repair needs were his top priority. He and his crew are true assets to the Tuffy Corporation! 

Jen P. (2014)

Thank you for the great service you provided when our car needed some repairs a couple of weeks ago. It is wonderful to find an auto service center that you feel you can trust. We will be back to see you when our car needs service again.

Jackie J. (2013)

The owner of the Panama City/Gulf Breeze Tuffy locations has demonstrated exemplary skill at directing his managers and valuable mechanics while keeping a family customer satisfied.

Daniel B. (2013)

Dear Tuffy,

My name is Jody.  I am the customer you recently blessed with your decision to give me an AC compressor for my Ford Freestyle.  I cannot tell you how much that meant to me.  I want to thank you very much for your act of kindness and company good will as well as your obedience to what you feel God was telling you to do.  It is very humbling to have God use you to bless me.  My family and I appreciate your generosity very much

It is sometimes hard to find a business in this day and age that you can trust. One that cares not only about profit, but also about their customers.  Also, as a woman, it is hard to find someone who tells you the truth when it comes to automobile matters. I feel like i can trust your manager and staff.  They are dependable and go to every measure to make sure they give good service. They are a true asset to your business.  The staff is always warm, kind, and friendly to everyone who comes in.


Jody D. (2012)

This place rocks! Rob and Gary have great customer serice and are willing to help no matter how busy the place is.  And by the way, most of the time it is busy and customers are waiting for their excellent service! I totally reccommend this place to anyone and everyone...great prices, great service, and all is done in a timely manner! Way to go Rob and Gary! Keep up the hard work. We as customers appreciate you!

Stacie S. (2012)

The Tuffy manager took great care of me when my right caliper brackett came loose and wedged into the right rear wheel locking the wheel up and damaging the wheel.  My  assessment of the situation was a "transmission problem" and was 95 miles from Enterprise.  I called Tuffy upon a recommendation and talked with Gary.  He gave me the telephone number of his recommended Towing service.  I was picked up by the towing service at my beach townhouse and we went to pick up the stranded Envoy at a location about 3 miles from the townhouse.  Upon arrival at Tuffy the Envoy was removed from the tow truck and shortly Gary had his men assess the auto.  Upon seeing the difficulty of removing the Envoy from the tow truck and that the right rear wheel would not turn, Gary's men, Rob and Tim began looking into the situation.  Gary came to me and explained the problem and then walked with me to my Envoy and showed me the problem.  He arranged to have obtain a bolt from a local GMC dealer and my Envoy was soon back in service.  I assumed because the Envoy would not go forward but would go backward that my problem was a transmission.  When I told Gary this over the telephone on my original call to Tuffy, Gary offered to take me to the Northwest Florida Beaches Airport to pick up a rental car.....if I needed the rental car (assuming my assessment was a transmission problem).  I can't say enough about the service I was offered and at a price I found to be unbelievably fair.  If all managers are like Gary, you have a wonderful organization.  I do know you have a wonderful Tuffy Auto Service Center in Panama City Beach, FL.

Maxie S. (2012)

The manager at the Panama City Beach Parkway Tuffy was very helpful with my bad tire.  He gave me a fair price and was very helpful to some one in a problem out of town.  Your organization should be very proud of his professionalism he showed. 

Richard W. (2011)

I would like to tell you that your manager at the store in Panama City Beach is 1 n a million. Gary, the manager, knew many of his customer by name. He treated each with great respect, and like they were his relatives. This was my 1st visit as I waited for my car to be repaired. He explained to each person what was wrong and what was needed to fix the problem. I was very impressed with him. I can see why he has so many return customers. I was in customer service for over 40 years in the consumer finance business. As you know, without great personal customer service, business can suffer. I told your manager that I would be back for more service to my car.

Again, I thank you for having this manager at the Panama City Beach store. I will be glad to tell everyone to go see Gary in PCB.

Alvin G. (2011)

Tuffy, 13151 Panama City Beach Pkwy, was absolutely wonderful to take the time to check out my vehicle when I had heard some strange noises.  They took my car on a test drive and was able to solve the problem in no time.  Thank you for having a great staff!

Florence F. (2011)

I stopped by the Panama City location in October to have my A/C compressor noise diagnosed.  The manager immediately was able to get my vehicle in and was able to diagnose the problem quickly.  Tuffy had made the needing repairs in a little over than two hours.  I was very impressed.  While there, the manager had also pointed out to me an intake manifold leak and explained what damage could occur should repairs be delayed.  I was so impressed with his honesty, experience, and know-how, that I quickly scheduled the repair on my next trip to Panama City.  The manager treated my vehicle just like it was his own!  Thanks Tuffy!

Martin F. (2009)

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