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400 S Euclid Ave
Bay City, MI 48706

Manager:    Mike Barnhart
Telephone: 989-686-6060
Fax:              989-686-2917

Mon - Fri:   7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday:   7:30am - 5:00pm
Sunday:     Closed

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Services Available at This Location:
Shocks / Struts / Springs
Lube / Oil / Filter
Starting / Charging
Wheel Bearings
CV Joints
Air Conditioning
Front Ends
Belts & Hoses


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My husband and I are from the Detroit area and were on our way for a trip up north. On I-75 something loud exploded under the hood and we barely made it off the exit. We ended up at a GMC dealership because our trip couldn't go much further. The GMC dealership couldn't help us with it being a Ford truck. We were pretty much stranded until we looked down the street and saw a big Tuffy sign about an 1/8 of a mile down the road. We took our chances and started the truck back up and made it to Tuffy. The store manager was there and he was very friendly and helpful. He had us open the hood and he saw what the problem was right away. Our spark plug had completely blown out of the head. He told us that one of his technicians might be able to get it back in so they immediately pulled our truck into the service garage. The manager came right back out within 10 minutes to inform us that unfortunately it was striped and would not be able to be put back in that day. The technician even came out to talk to us. He was also very friendly and helpful and told us that it is somewhat of a common problem with Fords and explained what his findings were with the truck also. The manager told us while we waited for our ride we could wait inside and my overall experience there was great. I have no idea what would of came about that day if we wouldn’t of seen the Tuffy sign down the road. Not to mention the fact that this happened on a Saturday and you have a very hard time getting anything serviced on a Saturday. Thanks a bunch to everyone up there that was so helpful to us! You guys were great.

Natalie S. (2014)



I am so pleased with the helpful and friendly service we received. the manager and service tech went above and beyond in assisting us. My 18 year old son was stranded two hours away from home with a flat tire. After changing to the spare, he realized that it too was flat, and carefully proceeded to the next exit. luckily for us, the Bay City Tuffy was right there. Unfortunately, it was very early in the morning when the situation occurred and the shop was not open. But upon opening, the manager was very understanding and unbelievably helpful. Not only was the service great, the price far, and my payment over the phone accepted; but they did more then most would; such as taxiing my son back down the road where the original flat took place to retrieve the rim he accidentally left on the side of the road.. I am so grateful. Words simply cannot express my gratitude. Thank you so much to the manager and his team for going above and beyond.  Its nice to see there are still good, caring people out there. Thank you again. God bless.

Dana H. (2014)


I wanted to thank the Tuffy workers who helped me out.  I was on my way to work when the transmission went out in my car. I pulled it into the Tuffy parking lot and right away two guys came out to help push my car. It was my first day at my new job and I was afraid of making a poor impression if I showed up late. Taking note of the situation, a Tuffy mechanic offered to give me a ride to work! Thanks to him, I arrived on time for my first day. I’m so thankful for that gesture of kindness and compassion. It was awesome of them to help me out in that way. They are wonderful at the Bay City Tuffy!! Once again thank you so much... being a single mom, I couldn't risk losing my job.  J

Nicole R. (2014)


We were headed up North to try and do some fishing when the bolts on the boat trailer tire stripped and fell out. I was at a gas station across the road from a Tuffy Auto Service Center. It was pouring down rain and storming. I ran across to see if Tuffy would have the bolts. The manager was good enough to give me some to see if they would work and once I got a couple started I managed to drive across the highway to the service center, then Tuffy took over and replace all the bolts for me. I was so grateful for their help. My husband has terminal cancer and has had several surgeries. He was in the vehicle but could not do anything. Tuffy did it all for me and never charged me a thing. I can not emphasize how grateful I am for all of the help. The staff was courteous, professional and kind. I was able to take my husband fishing for what will probably be one of his last fishing trips. We will definitely take, and tell our friends to take, any future business to Tuffy Auto Service Center in Bay City.

Michelle R. (2013)


Let me tell you I was having one of the worst days ever. I walked into the shop and the manager came over and asked what he could do for me, I proceeded to tell him and then he asked me for my address and all I got out were the numbers to my address. I started to cry and cry and cry. Finally I was able to give him the rest of the info which he waited very patiently for while I cried. When all was done he came from around the counter and gave me a big hug, which I so needed. We will be going back there for a lot of things. All those guys were wonderful there. I think this was about the best place I have ever gone into and felt like I was not being raked over the coals. So once again, Thank you guys for everything. 

Sherrie A. (2013)


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