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Mike Harding
Franchisee: Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa

The training and technical support has been really good. Would I do it again? Absolutely! There are not many companies where the CEO and Vice President come to your store to see you. I sure didn't get that with my prior business before coming to Tuffy.

Chris Miller
Franchisee: Grand Rapids and Grand Haven, Michigan

At my Grand Haven store, I bought a beautiful independent store that was only a few years old and well staffed. Since I put the Tuffy name up, the sales have doubled. People see a recognized name and they feel comfortable. I am happy with the support they give. They are willing to help and work with you in regards to advertising and everything else. They're very supportive.

Art Rott
Franchisee: Detroit Michigan Market

Back in 1991 when I found Tuffy, they provided to me a vehicle to maintain my life style and gave me the opportunity to increase my personal wealth. In a few short years I was able to acquire additional Tuffy stores and now at the age of 41 years old I'm in a very good position. Tuffy provided that vehicle for me. That about says it all.

Susan & Chuck Fiedler
Franchisee: Lockport, Illinois

Recently, I was going to be without my store manager for the first time since taking over my store last year.  I asked my District Manager, Warren Swenson, to come and spend a couple of days with me if he could.  Warren agreed.  On the first day away from the store, I was involved in a minor accident.  Warren rearranged his schedule to the best of his ability to help us out at the store for the week.  Warren’s presence gave me the confidence to run the store and resulted in a record week for our Lockport store!

When we were researching franchises, other Tuffy franchisees told us that Tuffy was the kind of company that you want to be involved with.  Warren certainly proved them right last week.  This is only one of the wonderful experiences that we have had with TAC personnel.  This seems to be the standard of your staff.  Please thank them on our behalf.

John Mikulenas
Franchisee: Sturgis, Michigan

I have always felt that the staff at Tuffy is extremely trustworthy and they always keep their word. When asked to go the extra mile, whether it's training or any other support, they always follow through. With regard to training, it's always been available upon request and they're very flexible about meeting our needs. In general, the company is willing to provide whatever assets that are required to help out. They understand that in order for the Tuffy Corporation to prosper, the franchisees have to prosper.  

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