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784 N Pontiac Trail
Walled Lake, MI 48390

Manager:    Art Rott
Telephone: 248-624-4440
Fax:              248-668-1461

Mon - Fri:   7:30 - 7:00
Saturday:   7:30 - 5:00

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Services Available at This Location:
Shocks / Struts
Lube / Oil / Filter
Air Conditioning
Scheduled Maintenance
Batteries - Starting / Charging
Heating / Cooling Systems
National / Fleet Accounts Accepted
Free Towing - see store for details
Complete Auto Service and Repair

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Wow, what else is to be said about you gentlemen and your shop.  My husband and I have only lived in the area for about two years now, and finding a reliable place to take our vehicles to get worked on is such a blessing. We both are just so pleased with your work, and how you work. You are a true team and everyone chips in to do their part and keep things working. Thank you for all that you have done for us this past year and all you are to us!

Keeli S. (2013)

My husband took my handicapped accessible van to the Crew at Tuffy Walled Lake and had an awesome experience!!!! We were in Ohio for a soccer tournament and went over a speed bump and heard a loud noise and all the sudden the car was loud! It sounded like we needed a new muffler- Ugh.  We anticipated a huge car repair bill. We took it to the Tuffy Auto Service Center in Walled Lake; they had asked my husband to call before he headed over so they could have the garage available for handicap accessible vans. The diagnosis was a broken rear hanger that attaches the rear section of exhaust to the bottom of the car. When we hit the speed bump we cracked the muffler. 

The mechanic was able to reattach the hanger and weld the muffler back together in about 15 minutes for next to nothing.  The mechanic was excellent at answering questions and explaining everything. The owner was very nice and the waiting room was like a museum with all sorts of things on walls, including a compassionate story about the owner donating a kidney! Wow! Tuffy Walled Lake is where I will go for future exhaust work and will be referring all my friends and family.  Thank-you Tuffy Walled Lake!!!!

Estelle B. (2013)

I drive across town to visit THIS Tuffy because of the consistantly excellant service from Art Rott and his team. I'm never pointlessly oversold on services and my business is CLEARLY appreciated every time I come in.

Katherine D. (2012)

As always, Art is friendly, professional, and helpful.  Always makes you feel comfortable.  I always leave without stress knowing my car is running good and I had the pleasure of being helped by caring, compassionate, and honest people.  I have two small children and an older car, and I always know I can trust Art Rott.  Thank you Art and everyone associated with the Walled Lake shop.

Patty (2012)

Last Friday 11/11/11, I was in the Walled Lake area on business. I was coming from the Grand Rapids area. After diving to the area and around, I noticed a high pitched whining noise. My first thought...transmission. I figured I better stop somewhere and have it checked at the least. I was passing by this Tuffy shop and for some reason it just looked like they knew what they were doing. I tend to trust my gut feelings. This was definitely one of those times that my gut feeling was right. Not only did they find out that the whining noise was the alternator, but they had pointed out that my transmission fluid was in poor condition. I had taken it in to several places that said that it was fine. This place was the only honest place I've found in years. During my wait there I got the chance to see how they treat their customers. They told everybody the strait talk. Until the last few years, I used to do all the work on my cars and friends cars so I know when the BS is flying. I met several of his customers, they all told me that they only take their vehicles here. I met people that told me that their whole family comes to this place. Art the owner's sense of humor was worth the trip alone. All the guys there treated the customers as if they were friends. The waiting room is like a museum, Toys for kids and all sorts of interesting things to look at. It was actually the best part of my trip. Well except having the car trouble that made me go there. They did the work and got me back on the road and heading home that day. And it's running better than it has in a while. Thanks!

Craig S. (2011)

I am writing this because of not only Art's service but also his patience. I had lost my job and he worked out some great prices and payments for me. Thank you, Art I will never forget.

Shelley B. (2011)

Tuffy's in Walled Lake has always been kind, courteous, very helpful, and I believe they are very honest. I think Art (owner) and Dennis (mechanic) are two of the most helpful and knowledgable people I have ever met, and outstanding gentlemen also.

Mary C. (2011)

Art and his shop has done a great job both times I have been there. Fixing problems 1) exhaust pipe replacement 2) transmission slipping. Both times he saved me substantial money and fixed both problems. He has a great attitude and always makes you feel like you are the most important person to him when you walk in.

I have already recommended him to friends.

Bob G. (2011)

I have been taking my cars to Art and his crew for 6 years.  They have always done a wonderful job in all of my repair needs. Tuffy in Walled Lake is #1 in my book!

Roshelle (2011)

Art and the guys at Tuffy in Walled Lake are absolutely, positively, hands down the best bunch of people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.  They are friendly, compentent, and most importantly TRUSTWORTHY.  I will not take my vehicle anywhere else for service.

Carol M. (2011)

Over 15 years ago I lived 30 miles North of the Walled Lake area and had a Tuffy Dealer in Waterford that did all the maintenance work on our vehicles.

I was so pleased with that Tuffy Muffler Shop in Waterford and the Father and Son Owners were so down to earth honest people. The Son was a little older than I, but was the top mechanic there at that time in the "90's" and did all the work on my Chevy and my wife's Cutlass then. I really felt comfortable with their honesty and work ethic. The fixes lasted for the life of ownership of the vehicles on everything they done without one problem after.

I was dismayed when I moved down to the Wixom area and was very unhappy with the services from other auto repair shops.  I always had to take the vehicles back to have them redone some way or another because of poor work.

Since moving down to this area, I had nothing but bad luck with auto repair shops until I decided to try the Tuffy on 15 Mile and Pontiac Trail. I called to make an appointment to have a new muffler system quote for my 4 X4 Durango. The man I spoke to gave me an estimate over the phone which was almost $200 under any other estimate.  I could not have bought the parts and done it myself for less.

After getting the quote, I brought the vehicle in the next morning and to my surprise the man at the counter looked very familiar; noting it has been over 14 years since I had seen him last.  I then realized it was the son (Art Rott) of the Tuffy Muffler (Father & Son) in Waterford!  I could not believe it! He had his own shops now. We talked briefly and shared short lifetime stories but not long because the shop was loaded with customers.  They were all just getting ready to pick up their fixed vehicles or just waiting. The atmosphere was so friendly and calming even though you knew it was money out of pocket non the less to have your vehicle fixed.

During that time in between seeing Art again, I became permanently disabled from a work accident and money is a very limited commodity as I know for most people this day and age. I then gave Art my keys to redo the muffler system and exhaust and asked him to check my A/C also which stopped working for me some time ago. Even though the cars were going in and out of the shop I noticed there was still about 8 people ahead of me and Art said it may not be ready till later in the day. He then offered to give me a ride home and pick me up when it was ready. But, I thanked him and called my wife to pick me up. I left there actually feeling very good instead of waiting at home for the dreaded call of "It's going to cost more!"

Later that day I, received a call from Art saying the truck is all done and he mentioned that my 4X4 Durango required OEM factory muffler system parts which I know are almost double in cost.  When my brother dropped me back off at Tuffy, I asked him what do I owe you? He then turned around and said "Well Mike, lets stick with the quote I gave you from the beginning.  I’m glad to have you back as a customer.” 

I was lost for words of his generosity and turned to other patrons in the waiting area and said "Can you believe this?"  They all smiled and said that is why we always come to Art's Tuffy Muffler.  Good Karma Art!

Art - I just wanted to thank you and let the people in the area know what a stand up guy you are.  I now know why your parking lot is always full.  The money I saved going to you bought our groceries for two weeks! That means a lot being on a fixed income.  Thanks for the lunch at Subway too!  I owe you one!

A Patron for life
Mike P. (2010)

I was recently in your shop with my husband regarding my Freestar that we thought needed new tie-rods.  The service was top-notched.  I’ve already passed along your name for a referral.  A guy that I work with works on his own vehicles, but he can’t do alignments.  He has communicated to me in the past that he’s never received an alignment that he was totally satisfied with.  Because I had been discussing with him about my vehicle’s problems, I had let him know that I was very happy that I went to Tuffy for a second opinion.  He lives near the Metro Airport and plans to schedule an appointment at your shop. 

Just thought you’d like to know, but you’ve probably heard this many times before!  Thanks!

Gretchen C. (2010)

I have had work done at Art’s Tuffy shop in the past and have been very pleased with the prompt and efficient service.  Art is very pleasant and upbeat guy that makes the wait pleasant.  I am one of the unfortunate Michigan unemployed and was prepared to only have a makeshift repair done because I simply didn’t have the money.  Art, however, said that he hadn’t done anything charitable in awhile and (bless his heart!) offered to repair (replacing a broken window motor with a new one) at no cost to me, claiming that I was his 1,000,000 customer. Ha!

This act of generosity touched me in a very profound way as money’s tight for obvious reasons.  I would highly recommend Art and his fantastic staff to anyone in need of repairs.  Good man, good staff!

Marty G. (2009)

On occasion, I’ve had some work done at Tuffy Walled Lake.  I must say I usually don’t write reviews for most places, but I feel I have to in this case.  I am so impressed with the owner and the work done.  They should be your premier dealer!  Thanks Art.  I’ll recommend you to everyone!

Terry M. (2009)

I would like to express my thanks to Art and his staff.  They were a pleasure to deal and very professional, while maintaining an incredible sense of humor!  From the moment I called for information until the time I picked up my car, the experience was like none other (in a great way)!  It is a pleasure to do business with people who are professional, honest, and fair.  Thank You!

Sari S. (2009)

I have been taking my family vehicles to Art Rott and his fabulous staff members for years.  I lost count at six.  I had met service technician, Gary Lemgraven, through a friend who referred me to his shop.  I request Gary whenever possible.  The workmanship and customer care is exceeded only by their honesty.  If I don’t need it, they don’t recommend it, but if I do need it, they respond with prompt, courteous, expert, and affordable service.

Jeff C. (2009)

The Walled Lake Tuffy Auto Service Center is the best auto repair facility that I’ve ever dealt with.  The service is very efficient and complete.  I definitely recommend this Tuffy location to anyone needing auto service!  The owner is trustworthy and hard working.  He sees that every job is done well!  Thanks Tuffy!

Cecilia S. (2009)

Art Rott and staff are absolutely excellent!  This was my first time going to your auto service center and from this day forth, I’ll always go back and will be sure to send my family as well!  I work for the state and have recently had to take days off with no pay; needless to say but money has been tight for me right now.  Art was so helpful that my whole day was different after I dropped my car off to him.  What I expected and what I received were two totally different things, with my mind at ease about the car I was able to continue on with my day.  I can honestly say that the world is still great with honest people in it.  Thanks a million to the staff at Walled Lake, MI. 

Dawn H. (2009)

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