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Falling Into Treating Your Car Right...Now That's a Tuffy!

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Falling Into Treating Your Car Right...Now That's a Tuffy!

Now that summer is behind us and the outside temperatures are starting to fall, you may find your self rolling down your windows for the first time since spring. And one of the first things you notice are the unfamiliar sounds of your automobile trying to tell you it is time to give it the once over.

Some of the most common noises could be:

"The front end makes a squealing noise when I apply the brakes."
This could be a number of things, but since it is happening when you apply the brakes and not at any other time, it sounds like it is time for a professional brake inspection.
Tuffy Offers Complete Automotive Repair
Noise could originate from dirt and road grime accumulating on the pads, rotors and calipers . Another possibility is that the pads or rotors are reaching the end of their service life, which means it is time for new parts. Either way, it is a good idea to have your brakes inspected during every other oil change. Find the Tuffy Auto Service Center closest to you.

"The engine makes a squealing noise when I accelerate." The most likely culprit is worn or loose drive belts or pulleys. Check your drive belt for cracks, fraying, pieces of rubber missing, peeling or other damaged. If you find any of these problems, it needs to be replaced -- NOW. Dont wait for a breakdown to force you into an expensive tow before you handle this relatively minor repair. Belts are not designed to last forever and you should have your belts visually inspected every time you change your oil.

"My front end clicks when I make a turn." Usually this indicates that the CV joints need servicing. It could be as simple as a torn CV boot, but the only way to make certain is to put the vehicle up on the rack and perform an inspection. To learn more about how your suspension system works, visit

"Boy is my muffler loud!" While most exhaust systems are stainless steel on todays vehicles, even stainless steel fails occasionally. Does the noise increase as you "give it the gas"? If so, you may need to replace a muffler or exhaust pipe. For more on exhaust systems, visit!

To schedule a professional mechanical inspection at your Tuffy Auto Service Center follow this link to find the closest service center!

Before you visit, take a moment and read "Getting off to a Good Start" , Tuffys latest guide on how to communicate your automotive problems with an automotive technician. The more you can tell a Tuffy technician about your car's problem, the faster (and more accurate) he or she will be in making the correct diagnosis and getting you back on the road.

Looking for ways to take the sting out of auto repair? Tuffy offers a variety of payment options. See your local Tuffy Auto Service Center store manager for details.

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