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Receding Gas Prices

Tuffy Tips For Saving Gas
December Automotive Tips from FOX Toledo

Happy Holidays From Your Friends at Tuffy!

Here are a number of things to be thankful for in the current economic times:

My car started this morning.

Gas prices have receded from well over $4 per gallon in June to less than $2 per gallon in November.

Tuffy Offers Complete Automotive Repair
Average Retail Gas Price Chart
There is a web site where you can look yourself to see if your vehicle has any manufacturer recalls or you can stop by your local Tuffy Auto Service Center .

And your local Tuffy Auto Service Center is still available for that pre-trip inspection trip before you race off to grandmother's house!

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Looking for ways to take the sting out of auto repair? Tuffy offers a variety of payment options. See your local Tuffy Auto Service Center store manager for details.
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