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Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle

With vehicles staying on the road longer than ever, the harsh conditions of the daily drive can take their toll over time. Americans spend more than 100 hours a year commuting to and from work according to the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey. As the amount of time a vehicle stays on the road increases, so does the amount of maintenance required to keep it running.

There are ways to increase your car's longevity. Three of the most important areas to maintain are your engine, your tires and the exterior of your vehicle.

Motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine as it lubricates vital engine parts. With vehicles being built to last longer, the demands placed on motor oil have increased. It is imperative to utilize a durable motor oil that can stand up to the constant stress of everyday driving. Quaker State is a brand that prides itself on its ability to keep an engine performing at its peak while offering a full line-up of products specially formulated to meet the needs of today’s drivers. The entire line-up of Quaker State oils are designed to minimize friction-related wear two times better than industry wear standards.

“While regularly changing engine oil is perhaps the most essential maintenance task drivers can perform,” says Mark Ferner, Quaker State technical specialist and ASE-certified master technician. “Checking wheel alignment, tire air pressure and having regular tune-ups can also contribute to helping keep your can on the road longer.”

A very important, and often neglected, maintenance area on your vehicle is your tires. When temperatures rise, the air inside the tire expands. This can mean you are driving on overinflated tires -- ultimately resulting in premature tread wear. Tire tread is crucial during emergency situations; a quarter inch of tread depth could affect your stopping distance by 180 feet. Improper or neglected maintenance of tires and wheels can cause extensive damage and lead to pricey repairs.

While some tips may help keep a vehicle running smoothly, it is also important to protect the exterior of the vehicle. During the winter months, salt, sand and road grime can severely damage the finish of a vehicle. Another concern is more than one-third of car owners use non-automotive products when washing their cars, which can cause considerable damage and lead to costly repairs. Washing and polishing a car with quality cleaners and waxes goes a long way toward protecting the vehicle’s exterior.

Following these tips and performing regular maintenance on a vehicle’s exterior as well as under-the-hood are critical steps in helping to extend the life of any vehicle. For more tips and advice about increasing vehicle longevity visit .

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