It seems like my fuel mileage has been slipping lately. What is going on?

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Farmers' Almanac is out with its 2008 forecast

LEWISTON, Maine - Keep your boots, long johns and snow shovels handy this winter if you live in the East, the Farmers Almanacs forecast suggests. Residents of the West, however, can look forward to a milder winter this time around.

Mother Nature is going to be sort of two-faced, almanac editor Peter Geiger said.

The almanacs 2008 edition, which goes on sale Tuesday, foresees plenty of snow across the Northeast, temperatures averaging as much as 3 degrees below normal along most of the Atlantic Coast, and four major frosts as far south as Florida. The Great Lakes region will also take a pounding.

Cold Weather Makes Existing Problems Worse
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Fall is the perfect time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the brutal realities of driving in winter weather.

OK, the key is in the ignition Nothing. The motor simply will not turn over.

Sudden changes in temperature are the leading cause of battery failure. When the weather is nice and warm, the load necessary to start your vehicle is not as large are when the first taste of winter hits. The temperature plunges, oil is thicker and the starting and charging system is overwhelmed. Now is the time to have your charging system tested BEFORE you get the winter reminder! For a handy guide to starting and charging systems visit

It seems like my fuel mileage has been slipping lately. What is going on?

Address engine performance problems before your next fill up! Dirty air filters, fuel filters, PCV valves rob your engine of power leading to increased fuel consumption. While replacing your filters, your technician will inspect your vehicles belts and hoses. It is better to replace them now rather than at the end of an expensive tow after one of them fails.

When is the best time to change my anti-freeze?

The best answer check your owners manual. But if you have to ask, it has probably been too long. While the technician is inspecting your starting and charging system, have them perform a PH test to see if your antifreeze meets the manufacturers recommendation. To learn more, visit

Do I need snow tires?

For most driving conditions, snow tires are not necessary unless you live in a rural area where winter road maintenance is sporadic. A good set of All Weather tires will suffice. More important are the tires you currently have in good shape? Is the tread worn? Are they properly inflated? For more on this topic visit:

Dont forget about the gas tank.

Putting a bottle of fuel de-icer in your tank once per month is a good idea. It helps prevent moisture from collecting and freezing in the fuel line.

Dont forget the accessories.

Inspect your wiper blades. If it has been more than six months, a new set is probably a good idea. Switch to a good set of winter blades until spring. Inspect all the lights -- headlights, brake, turn signals and back up lights.

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