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Remember Your Vehicle for Auto Repair Service This Thanksgiving

Remember your vehicle this's important to have your car prepped for cold weather driving and to keep it in safe running condition.

We don't always realize just how important our vehicles are to our everyday lives. Our cars get us to work, drop our kids off at school, help us transport groceries and take us on road trips. Without our cars, trucks and SUVs, many of us couldn't complete our everyday tasks or make ends meet.

This holiday season, consider getting a vehicle inspection and tune-up. Not only can a tune-up help keep your vehicle running longer, it can help you save money.

Professionals at Tuffy Auto Service Centers recommend the following tips to maximize the life of your vehicle:

- Change the engine oil. Use the recommended grade of oil for your vehicle, and change it according to your vehicle owner's manual. Prolonged driving without an oil change may cause severe engine damage.

- Check and replace the air filter regularly. Air filters keep impurities from damaging the inside of your engine. Not only can replacing a partially clogged filter help improve gas mileage, it can help protect your engine.

- Maintain your tires. Check the tire inflation pressure and tread depth monthly, make sure your tires are properly balanced, rotate the tires according to the maintenance schedule and have the alignment checked at least once per year.

- Check your vehicle's fluid levels. Check the transmission, brake, power steering and windshield washer fluids and coolant to make sure they're filled to the proper levels.

- Get your vehicle inspected and serviced regularly by a professional -- look for the ASE logo . Keep records of all completed work, because if you ever sell your vehicle, records can help raise its market value.

Regular vehicle inspections and maintenance can go a long way toward maximizing the life of your vehicle and staying safer on the road. Treat your vehicle to a tune-up this Thanksgiving.

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