Tuffy Can Help Keep Your Vehicle Cool

It is one of those 90-plus-degree days, hot, hazy and humid. Isn’t it great to be able to get in your vehicle and enjoy the comfort your air conditioning system provides for you and your passengers?

Tuffy Auto service professionals want all car owners to understand how their vehicle’s air conditioning system works, be able to recognize problems and optimize performance so they can enjoy maximum comfort while driving.

To achieve the quickest interior cool-down:

If possible, leave the windows down slightly on hot sunny days. Temperatures in a closed car can exceed 140 degrees. An A/C system works by removing heat, so the cooler the interior is to start with, the easier and faster the A/C will do its job. When you first get in the car, roll all the windows completely down, or even better, open the doors for a short period of time. This helps the hot interior air escape quickly.

When you first turn the A/C on, set the controls to “MAX” and/or “REC”, and use highest blower speed. This moves the greatest volume of air, re-circulates cooling air for even faster cool-down, and prevents hot outside air from entering. As soon as you are comfortable, switch the system to “NORM” or “OUTSIDE”, and select a lower fan speed. The lower the blower speed, the colder the air from the system.

Applying window tint can help reduce interior temperatures. The tint does not have to be dark to reflect sunlight---- some tints have a metallic substance within them for this purpose. Always check your local and state regulations; window tinting products may not be legal in some states or municipalities.

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